“What inspired my abstract artwork is the profound love I have of exploring the shapes I create in wood cutting and the joy of assembling small pieces to develop new forms. I began to first make geometrical patterns through collages. When I started to incorporate colors with dimensionality, the whole concept fell into place. My panels today carry this unique design, with a rotation of colors, in which the first and subsequent lines all follow the same geometrical patterns on a white background. These forms and colors vary as my creative process develops.”


“My abstract paneling is a blend of my life experience in woodwork, my attraction for colors, the variety of shapes I can make, and the discovery of new surfaces, textures, and depth. This is all part of the way I see nature and humans. Practically what is around me. The abstract enriches me because it provides a way out of my surrounding. Therefore, I visualize the outer world with neither perfections nor imperfections. I do not need to replicate a world that is taking so much of what I believe it should not. Thus, today I know after years of experience, including everything I have seen and learned, that the image of what is bordering me, must be what I am trying to reach with my abstract work. This is a place where I can construct a different kind of perfection, by allowing all the imperfections, like a mirror in where I want to see serenity, contemplation, and self-satisfaction.”