Carlos Lemos is a Brazilian born craftsman who built his focus and repertoire over the course of his 40 years of experience, whether it was building wooden sailboats in Rio de Janeiro, fine-tuning his woodworking, or traveling the world. Those experiences shaped him and his artwork. In the last 7 years, his creativity brought a new exploration: abstract paneling, drawings, and paintings.

Using a technique interlacing many years of woodworking craftsmanship, design aesthetics, and personal journey, his work explores the meeting of two worlds: analytical precision and vibrant artistry. He blends geometric shapes and patterns with vivacious colors, emphasizing the beautiful simplicity in nature (whether that be a flower or mountains) and the divergence and convergence of human interactions.


““My abstract paneling is a blend of my life experience in woodwork, my attraction for colors, the variety of shapes I can make, and the discovery of new surfaces, textures, and depth. This is all part of the way I see nature and humans. Practically what is around me, however, the abstract enriches me because it provides a way out of my surroundings.”